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We've opened a new location in Panama City Beach, Florida. Call us at 850-684-9550, 24/7/365

Hurri-Dry Nationwide has opened a new location in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Call us at (850) 684-9550


Since 2003, Hurri-Dry Nationwide has understood the unique changing circumstances of the restoration industry. We engage each project with a professional, problem-solving approach.

Hurri-Dry Nationwide provides you company with access to large quantities of specialized drying and cleaning equipment for commercial and residential use. We provide immediate response times for rental, service and sales of equipment. Hurri-Dry Nationwide also provides expert support and management assistance, along with estimating services from our Xactimate-trained management, on your company’s behalf.

Hurri-Dry Nationwide can provide complete services of the equipment we supply, man power, fueling, monitoring and more. Whether you are a small company, new to the industry and unfamiliar with restoration, or a seasoned, experienced firm, we can guide you through every step of a project; paperwork, estimating, monitoring, consultation, equipment, every aspect you would need from start to finish.

Hurri-Dry Nationwide is dedicated to you, our clients, to give the highest level of service, implementing top industry standards and innovations. Contact Hurri-Dry Nationwide today to setup you account and ensure the fastest service possible in any emergency situation. With your account, your company received discounts and special promotions emailed directly to you.

(850) 684-9550 | (888) 685-7329

Water damage equipment rental, sales, service and support, you can count on Hurri-Dry Nationwide to meet your needs 24/7/365!

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